Magus Engineering Limited

1200, 444 – 5th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2P 2T8

Office: (403) 264-3309
Fax: (403) 264-3314


Magus Engineering Limited (MEL)

was started in 1986 by Dave Magus. Dave started the company as a 'one man shop' with the intent of providing safe and efficient drilling and completion operations. Dave's wife Donna Magus was the administration behind the company and was instrumental in growing the company by handling everything behind the scenes allowing Dave to take on more rigs. The company grew quickly primarily by word of mouth and on the shoulders of Dave's reputation. Steve Magus joined MEL in 1991 in the field and soon moved in to assist in the office. Jeff Magus joined MEL in 1998 and Steve and Jeff took over the company in 2001. Gord Lane joined MEL in 2000 and is currently V.P. of Engineering with the company.

The company was founded on the premise that we will keep busy if we do a good job for our customers and we still operate on this philosophy today.