Magus Engineering Limited

1200, 444 – 5th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2P 2T8

Office: (403) 264-3309
Fax: (403) 264-3314


Service Description

Magus Engineering specializes in operations engineering and field supervision of drilling, completions and construction . We tailor our services to mesh with our clients needs and conduct our business in a professional and safe manner.

Drilling, Completions, Construction & Well Testing

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Wellsite Supervision
  • Planning
  • Regulatory (OGC, ERCB, SIR)

Engineering Services

Magus Engineering Limited specializes in engineering services in drilling, completions, abandonment and construction operations. We assist our clients in all or any of the following:

  • AFE cost estimation
  • Management of lease acquisition and surveying
  • Calculation of H2S release rates and surface casing setting depths
  • Applying for well licences from the OGC, ERCB and SIR
  • Co-ordination of construction of well sites and access roads
  • Preparation of drilling and completion programs
  • Aligning of all services for drilling and completion operations
  • Management of daily drilling and completion operations
  • Operational invoice review and approval
  • Submission of all regulatory information in any province
  • Providing certified wellsite supervisors

Magus is committed to providing high quality service with the interests of our clients in mind and to conducting operations in a safe and efficient manner.

Project Management

Magus Engineering can look after your project from cradle to grave. We can look after all aspects of project planning, procurement, operations and post-project clean-up. Magus has established a good working relationship with service companies and can offer good access to these services through these relationships. We adapt the management of the project to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Below is an outline of some of the types of projects Magus Engineering has in the past or is currently looking after:

  • Fort McMurray Oilsands delineation projects
  • 10 to 150 well projects – retrievable coring, camps, rig supervision etc.
  • Horizontal Drilling – Cummings / Dina / Bakken
  • Vertical / Directional Heavy Oilwell Projects
  • Shallow Gas Drilling Projects
  • Deep Critical Sour Operations
  • Deep High Pressure Wells

Wellsite Supervision

Magus Engineering is committed to providing certified wellsite supervisors for drilling, completions and construction operations. We pride ourselves on keeping experienced hard working supervisors that can work with service companies to provide an efficient and safe work environment on your lease.

Magus maintains up to date records of supervisors to ensure that all certifications, WCB and insurance requirements are current and meet or exceed industry requirements.